Users and customers of Membrane Keypad – the best publicity effect is the affirmation and promotion from users.

27 Jul, 2022

By hqt

In the first two articles, we explored the design and functional implementation of the Membrane Keypad. But no matter what the elements are, it is for the comfort of users and customers, the peace of mind of use, and the peace of mind of buying. In order to meet this goal, Niceone-Keypad hopes to coordinate the relationship between Membrane Keypad and users and customers, using the advantages of factory experience, the needs of customers and users, human psychology and so on.

At the same time, in this chapter, we will elaborate on how to use the Membrane Keypad and for what purpose is the key. At the same time, we will explain the difference between users and customers in two parts.

User articles

How to make users choose comfortable, use with confidence, and buy with confidence?

How to meet user expectations?

How to create the best user experience?

To achieve this, our designers coordinate the relationship between the user and the product. Simply put

What can Niceone-Keypad do?

How to make users choose comfortable, use with confidence, and buy with confidence?

Experienced Membrane Keypad factory will make customers and users feel comfortable in the design process, because the factory will customize according to the needs of users in the design stage, and simulate in detail according to user needs, and customize the most suitable products. At the same time, it will also make customers and users feel at ease. The simple-to-operate Membrane Keypad includes a reasonable design that will allow customers and users to notice security alerts during use. Since Niceone-Keypad is a large-scale factory, customers and users can buy with confidence. Whether it is before or after purchase, we have dedicated after-sales service for you. One-stop service will definitely make you feel unusual.

How to meet user expectations?

A good product must first meet the expectations of users, then users will pay for your product and promote it. A good user experience will make people feel more at ease.

Off topic, so how does the Membrane Keypad make users more satisfied and live up to their expectations?

Niceone-Keypad has learned from users and customer feedback that we have summarized several common points that make customers satisfied.

  • A. The physical components of the HMI (Silicone Rubber Membrane Keypad, Capacitive Membrane Keypad, and Touchscreen Membrane Keypad) work accurately and efficiently as expected. If the product doesn’t work exactly as expected, then the product is useless no matter how many functions it has.
  • B. Membrane Keypad needs to be durable enough, whether it is the panel or the electrical function. The panel needs to keep the color unchanged for a long time, and the electrical function will not have various problems even if it is used for a long time.
  • C. Sufficiently beautiful appearance. A beautiful Membrane Keypad can definitely attract the attention of other users. Some users have such needs, so digital printing will also be used on the Membrane Keypad from time to time. This is because most of the products printed by Digtial Printing are gradient colors.
  • D. Whether the product is simple and easy to operate, and whether there are clear instructions between the buttons for users to understand. At the same time, users can have a good user experience.
  • E. Whether it can meet the user’s usage requirements. The outdoor Membrane Keypad and the indoor Membrane Keypad need to pay attention to different points. This requires care.

Why does Niceone-Keypad pay so much attention to user experience (how to create a good user experience)?

In fact, most of the user’s satisfaction lies in the user’s feeling of the Membrane Keypad. Ordinary factory engineering may only care about whether the performance can be achieved, and it is good enough to be stable enough and have enough functions. Niceone-Keypad thinks otherwise. A truly good product is not just about clear information and operation, easy to check and simple to use, it is also important that the experience is satisfying and not just produced for production’s sake. If none of these meet the user’s needs, the user may turn around and look for a new supplier. If we can make customers more like to use our products, then the market will gradually recognize the products and achieve a win-win situation for users, customers and factories. David, the marketing manager of Niceone-Keypad, said, “High-tech technical functions and beautiful product design can not only make the product more attractive, but we should also focus on the most basic user experience, and our factory should start from the user’s experience satisfaction. think.

This is why Niceone-Keypad has been developing various new technologies to make more users more satisfied with their operations and more pleasant to experience. For example, the backlight technology can allow users to use it even in low-light places, and the Doming Membrane Keypad has very good resilience. Compared with the Embossed Membrane Keypad, it maintains its shape for a long time and can rebound itself.

Some of the users of Niceone-Keypad are medical users, and such users make Niceone-Keypad aware of the need for products to work with humans as well. If in a medical environment, the alerts are insufficient – the product appears too slow, the response is too quiet and there is no special coloration, embossing and clear brake switches are prone to major medical errors. This is why most of the time, Medical Membrane Keypad will use Flex Copper Circuit or PCB as a circuit to improve product sensitivity. At the same time, the design of the panel also needs to be clear and clear. Just imagine that if the line function is unstable and the printing design is not clear, then there will be deviations at the juncture of life and death, resulting in major medical accidents. If timely feedback, accurate feedback will increase the chance of survival at this moment of life and death.

As Amy Bucher, a psychologist and associate director of health and preventive behavioral sciences at Johnson & Johnson, says, “Stylish technology and elegant features add to a product’s appeal. But actually engaging users with your product helps satisfy them.” psychological needs.”Niceone-Keypad has been working on this.

Customer articles

How can the factory clearly understand my needs?

How can the factory guarantee my quality?

How can the factory guarantee my delivery?

Customers may be users, dealers or factories, no matter which kind, customers want to find a factory that can clearly understand their needs to produce for them. But the products produced must also need to be of high quality, stable delivery and Membrane Keypad that is distinctive and attractive to customers.

Why Niceone-Keypad can understand the needs of customers?

  • We have a professional team, whether it is the sales department, engineering department, production and QC department, the cooperation between the sales department and the engineering department can accurately obtain the environmental requirements of the product by analyzing the customer’s emails and drawings. The production department and the QC department will integrate the products we have produced in the past and provide our sales department and engineering department for product classification and optimization of documents, so that the experience of each department can be shared so as to more calmly meet the needs of various customers. Details can be found here.
  • Fortunately, Niceone-Keypad met many customers who made progress with us and let us learn. Under one case after another, we learned many new technologies and broke through many technical barriers. In this case we have accumulated a lot of experience and we have broken through ourselves. Therefore, we have more practical experience in various types such as Waterproof Membrane Keypad, Silicone Rubber Membrane Keypad and Backlighting Membrane Keypad.

For more additional requirements, please contact, we will reply within 24 hours.

How to ensure the quality of customer products?

The most common quality problems with Membrane Keypad are Tactile Feedback, color fading of the panel, whether the electrical function is normal, etc. How to stabilize the quality of these products has always been a consideration for factories. Niceone-Keypad’s management team strictly adheres to quality management measures during production. Therefore, these problems can be standardized and solved perfectly. For specific cases, please refer to our article, which explains in detail how to ensure the quality of customers’ products.

How can the factory guarantee my delivery?

In recent years, China’s labor shortage and most factories have moved to Southeast Asia such as Vietnam has also been widely circulated. Delays in delivery due to labor shortages also occur from time to time. Niceone-Keypad has also been estimated in recent years, and has already started to prepare.

A. Customized automatic punching machine

B. Customized automatic assembly shrapnel device

C. Purchase automatic printing equipment

What do they do?

As their names suggest, they each represent different properties.

A. Customized automatic punching machine: Quickly punch each layer of the Membrane Keypad and can be fully automated. Quickly complete the requirements for positioning holes.

B. Automatically assemble the shrapnel device: Use the jig to arrange the Metal Dome, and use the machine and the locator to quickly package the Metal Dome and the circuit.

C. Automatic printing equipment: suitable for large quantities of Membrane Keypads, because this machine has a higher startup cost, and is suitable for Membrane Keypads with a minimum order of 10K. But it can run at high speed 24 hours a day.

Contact Niceone-Keypad today and you will get the most detailed system evaluation for your product within 24 hours.


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