The cost of the Membrane Keypad is an inevitable topic for manufacturers.

02 Aug, 2022

By hqt

How to ensure that customers get Membrane Keypad with good quality and low price in the process of guaranteeing quality and the growth of the factory.

Who doesn’t want to find a factory with good service, good delivery and more affordable price as its supplier, Niceone-Keypad as the Membrane Keypad factory, in order to reduce the cost under the premise of ensuring quality.

Machine side

We have customized all kinds of automation equipment such as automatic pendulum shrapnel, automatic printing equipment, automatic placement and even automatic punching machines.


Since we purchase a large amount of 3M and even Ketutai materials, our cost will be appropriately reduced by 2%-3% one-stop factory.

One-stop factory

Business, engineering, QC and production are all carried out in one factory, no matter what you encounter, we will reply within 24 hours to save a lot of communication costs.

Transportation cost:

Most of the time we choose EXW, but we also have a special freight company for you as a quotation reference if you need it.

Pick up the phone and contact Niceone-Keypad immediately, we will give more surprises and reply.


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