Are the right materials and designs for the Graphic overlay and Membrane Switch?

05 Aug, 2022

By hqt

Do you know that you are using the correct material and design when reproducing the HMI product? This is also a key question that Niceone-Keypad often asks customers – usually during the quotation process or even the redesign process. Some customers can clearly know that the correct material needs to be selected, while most customers will choose the material according to the previous choice. In either case, as a manufacturer, it is necessary to communicate with customers so as to understand how customers use them. As a manufacturer, we can’t fall into the experience trap at will, because no matter what the previous situation is, we need to ask the customer’s product usage environment, method and cost with an accurate process. Customer satisfaction can only be achieved by carefully crafting a plan that is mutually satisfying.

Design Support:

Niceone-Keypad From the quotation to the design stage, we will develop a detailed design plan to support the realization of the product. The plan includes: understanding the customer’s use environment parameters, performance requirements, cost and conceptual shape design. The product is in the medical industry, the military industry or the marine industry, and the design parameters of different industries are not the same.

In terms of design scheme, Niceone-Keypad will carefully review all parameters. The audit carefully evaluates the choice of construction and materials. E.g:

  • Whether the design of the waterproof frame is reasonable and can meet the design of IP67.
  • Whether the material of Membrane Switch and Graphic Overlay is made of polyester film – excellent chemical resistance, bending resistance, etc. are unmatched by conventional polycarbonate materials. This is because the polycarbonate material becomes brittle and prone to cracking over time.
  • Whether the outdoor products use 3M Adhesive with UV resistance and good viscosity.

The first step is often the choice of panel material:

Polyester is often an excellent substrate choice:

As Polyester comes in many types of textures like matte, velvet, sheer and even brushed material. The difference in thickness will also affect the Tactile Feedback of the product. Different finishes can also affect polyester such as gloss, texture, anti-glare, UV stabilization, anti-microbial and soft touch.

The second step is to work on the design of the panel:

During the design process, if Niceone-Keypad and the customer’s preliminary design are unanimously approved, then Niceone-Keypad will design the panel.

The design includes:

Window display—is the choice of raw materials or the choice of window oil.

Texture selection—can be frosted ink, resin epoxied material, etc.

What type of Embossing is needed—Pillow Embossing, No Embossing, Border Embossing, etc.

Backlight selection—In the logo, whether it is necessary to choose transparent ink at the button needs to be designed according to the actual situation of the product.

The third step is to consider the internal design of the Membrane Switch and Graphic Overlay.

There are many internal designs of Membrane Switch and Graphic Overlay, and the superposition of every detail will make them more perfect.

The interior design includes:

Connection of air vents—Good air vent design will make the Tactile Feedback of each Key similar without rebound phenomenon.

Whether the Metal Dome is too close to the edge—The design process needs to be very careful, otherwise the Membrane Switch will open the glue during use and cause water ingress.

Thickness design—Whether the thickness design drives the internal Metal Domes correctly, if it is too thin, it will not be able to drive completely and cause bulging problems. If it is too high, there will be dangling problems.

The choice of LEDs—Mcd needs to be high or low, whether the color is reasonable, etc. need to be matched in detail.

After completing these three steps, we as a manufacturer can quickly customize samples to verify the feasibility of the product before full production.

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