When making a Membrane Switch, what should I do if I can’t find the electronic components I need?

As the world is affected by the epidemic, the efficiency of production lines in the entire world has been affected to varying degrees. Even China is the factory of the world. The Niceone-Keypad located in Dongguan was also affected. The most important category of products includes IC, light sensor and so on.

As a factory for customizing HMI solutions, Niceone-Keypad has always needed ICs, light sensors, LEDs and various components. Without such products, it is impossible to mass-produce Membrane Switches, Silicone Rubber Keypad Membrane Switches, etc. that customers need. Faced with such a severe production form, the Niceone-Keypad team generally makes the following corresponding supporting measures to prevent the impact of component shortages.

  • 1. Not limited to a specific brand of electronic components.

    Sometimes customers will specify specific electronic components, and Niceone-Keypad will find them according to the needs of customers. Most components can be obtained through dig-key, but if there are no such electronic components, we will specify according to customers. The electronic components specification book to find alternatives, it is important that we have consulted the customer’s engineers and our team’s engineers whether it can meet the customer’s requirements, and will not bring major changes to the customer. Thanks to the close cooperation between Niceone-Keypad’s engineering team and the customer’s team, we can use a large number of alternative products to meet customer usage requirements. And the relative cost of some replaceable components will also be reduced, thereby reducing the overall product cost. If you are still worried about the product, Niceone-Keypad will use alternative electronic components to produce samples for internal testing and allow customers to test to achieve double insurance.

  • 2. Niceone-Keypad has a professional supplier of electronic components.

    Most of HMI products cannot avoid LEDs, Snap Dome, etc. Niceone-Keypad once encountered a tri-color LEDs with a Mcd of up to 3000, but due to the impact of the epidemic, it was out of stock, and Niceone-Keypad immediately cooperated with domestic LEDs for a long time Suppliers have stepped up to develop LEDs close to Mcd, and used new LEDs to send new samples to customers for confirmation, so as to solve such problems perfectly. At the same time, the Hong Kong epidemic in March and April this year caused the shrapnel purchased by our company to be unable to come in. We immediately communicated with the customer, and used the shrapnel evaluated by our project and the Snap Dome agreed by the user for free sample production immediately. The whole process does not exceed 14 days, and the product also perfectly meets the needs of customers.

  • 3. Niceone-Keypad will stock commonly used electronic components and will promote to customers.

    As a custom factory for HMI, we will often encounter customers’ needs for different electronic components, but not every electronic component will be in stock. Our engineering team will choose Niceone- Keypad conventionally used or in stock electronic components, and for the cost of the product.

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