7 Advantages of Custom Membrane Switch Panel

08 Feb, 2022

By hqt

Membrane switch panels

Custom membrane switch panel designs to enter information in various devices for industrial, medical, household and other purposes. The membrane keyboard is an assembly of a decorative instrument (front) panel and a contact plate with a flexible cable for connecting to the board through a connector.

Generally, membrane switch panels are currently very popular. Furthermore, the number of applications for film switches is constantly growing. Similarly, they have largely replaced the classic electromechanical switches and key switches from appliances and equipment.

 The main advantages of membrane switch panels:

  • low cost;
  • Moreover, a large resource of work
  • Similarly, ease of installation
  • Furthermore, the possibility of designing your own design.

To improve the perception of information on custom membrane switch panel the following is easy to use:

  • front panel window tinting in various colors with a certain transparency coefficient
  • electroluminescent illumination of various elements
  • use of LEDs (including built-in LEDs).

Custom membrane switch panel is easy to make on the basis of a rigid fiberglass printed circuit board, on the basis of flexible foil dielectrics. Moreover, it can be on the basis of polyester films with a conductive layer applied.

Membrane switch panel based on a rigid fiberglass printed circuit board

The design of custom membrane switch panel includes a rigid base in the form of a glass-textolite printed circuit board with a galvanic coating and a decorative dashboard (front) panel glued to it. Switch panels can contain transparent windows for displays and indicators, built-in LEDs in SMD design. You can use buttons or toggle switches.

The tactile effect achieves either by molding a decorative instrument panel or by using a spherical metal membrane.

The top surface of the keyboard is easy to make both glossy and anti-reflective (matte) finish.

Membrane switch panel based on flexible foil dielectrics

Custom membrane switch panel based on flexible foil dielectrics have a wide operating temperature range. Moreover, it provides low resistance of conductive tracks compared to switch panels based on conductive pastes.

Custom Membrane Switch Panel

The output cable in these switch panels is a continuation of the flexible printed circuit board. This increases the reliability, because there is no mechanical or solder fastening. Moreover, the cable terminates with a clincher or composter type connector.

On the side where the membranes install on the flexible printed circuit board, it is possible to solder signal LEDs for indication in SMD version.

The conductive tracks come of copper with a galvanic-resistant coating. Moreover, this increases the service life of the product. Then a decorative dashboard (front) panel is glued on top of the flexible printed circuit board. Such switch panels can also have transparent windows for displays, light filters, etc.

Custom membrane switch panel based on polyester films with a conductive layer

Custom membrane switch panel comes on polyester (PET) film. Furthermore, the conductors in these switch panels form by applying and polymerizing conductive pastes.

 A pattern depicting the background, keys, special characters and windows of enlightenment applies to the inside of the decorative dashboard (front) panel. Similarly, it ensures its protection from abrasion, environmental influences, organic solvents, detergents and disinfectants.

The exterior has an anti-reflective coating for added protection. Moreover, membrane switch panels may contain windows of enlightenment for displays and LEDs (transparent or with color filters, matte or glossy).

Dimensions, location and number of buttons, graphic and color design, electrical circuit, loop output location, windows for displays and indicators performed in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.

Custom Membrane Switch Panel 2022

Layout of custom membrane switch panel

The panels above the button area have a special molding that provides a tactile effect, and the sensitivity of the buttons is easy to select at the request of the customer. On the reverse side of the custom membrane switch panel, an adhesive layer applies to fix them on the device case.

 The cable for connecting the keyboard to the board is selected according to the length and the spacing of the contacts. Membrane switch panels can be equipped with connectors for the most convenient connection to the board.

Membrane switch panels

They are a low power sensing element and are ideal controls for new microprocessor electronics. Membrane switch panels are easy to make on a printed circuit board or on a polyester film.


  • Keyboard panels with embossed buttons
  • Moreover, tactile switch panels
  • Switch panels with flexible circuit board/connector
  • Furthermore, membrane switch panels with LED backlight
  • Front panels and overlays

There are several types of execution of the electrical circuit of the control panel:

  • full membrane keyboard (all electrical circuitry is done on film)
  • keyboard on flexible printed circuit board
  • Similarly, keyboard on rigid printed circuit board

The junction of the electrical circuit with external units is mounted by a flat cable or flexible wires.

Benefits of membrane switch panels:

  • thin, easy to clean
  • dust-, moisture- and oil-proof
  • sealed
  • have an attractive appearance
  • Various designs and colors available
  • have a low price

A custom membrane switch panel is a flat electronic keyboard without separate moving mechanical parts, made in the form of a flexible surface, on which the image of keys and other elements is applied by silk-screen printing.

Structure of custom membrane switch panel

As a rule, a film keyboard consists of three thin layers – the thickness of a sheet of paper:

  • conductive keyboard tracks apply on two layers, a third
  •  insulating layer
  •  separates the first two

 Where the keys are located, the insulating layer has cutouts. Similarly, it allows the conductive tracks of the upper and lower layers to touch when pressed to complete the electrical circuit. Among the distinctive features of membrane switch panel are: small thickness – fractions of a millimeter, low cost, exceptional compactness, flexibility, high reliability and protection from external influences.


  • industrial switch panels
  • flat without tactile effect
  • flat with tactile effect
  • with molded keys on the front film

Flexible membrane keypads are sensitive elements with low switching power and are ideal key switches for microprocessor electronics. This explains their wide distribution in the field of electronic control and management equipment, in household appliances, in specialized and industrial equipment.

The field of application of industrial membrane switch panel is constantly expanding, displacing classical electromechanical and key switches from high-quality electronic machines. Membrane switch panels to order are widely common in such areas of production as:

  • medical equipment
  • electronic instrumentation
  • industrial control systems
  • equipment for control systems
  • computer peripherals
  • defense industry
  • Appliances

The type of the membrane keyboard, the technologies used and its configuration during manufacture determines, in addition to the scope and conditions for further use, by the customer’s requirements:

  • production material
  • membrane keyboard dimensions
  • number and type of keys
  • presence and size of buttons
  • windows for indicators

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