Form and Function: User Experience Design for the Healthcare Industry

31 Aug, 2022

By hqt

With the development of the social science and technology tree, modern medical equipment not only exists in hospitals, but also gradually enters the homes of ordinary people, such as conventional blood pressure monitors. This also shows that medical equipment has become a must-have for medical personnel and people in the industry. Medical devices can not only heal people, but also help patients keep an eye on their physical condition to avoid sudden and unexpected occurrences. This is also why we need to take a serious look at the user experience design in medical equipment, and high-quality design will allow users to maximize the role of the equipment.

Because medical equipment is important, it is easy to give people the illusion that medical equipment will have extremely complex designs. The answer is actually no. Except for some medical devices, most medical devices are pursuing a good UI and UX experience. The simple design and usability are consistent with the requirements of medical companies. Human-computer interaction pages as Membrane Switch have always been required in this way.

Over time, more and more new technologies and materials have been introduced to simplify operations and make products smaller and easier to carry and use. Among them, the development of FPC circuit makes it possible to complete enough circuit functions in a limited space to greatly reduce the volume and area of ​​medical equipment.

What is the user experience of medical devices?

User experience is the feeling of using the machine and the product. The source of the feeling is nothing more than the hardware of the device, the feedback of the product, the feel and the beautiful appearance. As the hardware part of the membrane switch, the use of materials, the life of the dome and the life of the LEDs will affect the life and durability of the medical device. Just imagine who doesn’t want a product they use to be more durable than needing frequent repairs. The feedback of the product lies in the lighting of LEDs, the generation of sound and so on. Tactile Feedback is when you tap a button or activate a functional part. Does good feedback make you more impressed with the product? The answer is yes. A beautiful appearance will make people more attractive and comfortable. A good user experience requires cooperation from many aspects.

What do I need to know when designing UX for membrane switches in medical devices?

UX design cannot be divorced from reality, and the people closest to the product may have the best design advice. If users are not satisfied with your product, no matter how many additional functions are designed, it will be like a loft in the sky. All designs need to be user-centric.

Niceone-Keypad needs to communicate when designing an effective product. Communication includes user research, surveys and testing as the first step. At the same time, we also need to investigate the satisfaction of local hospitals and users with the product in order to obtain the most accurate design feedback.

Another design point is the environment in which it is used. If the design of the product does not consider the use environment, the product will not work properly or be scrapped early. Autoclave sterilization needs to consider high temperature sterilization at 120 degrees Celsius. At the same time, due to prolonged exposure to bacteria-rich environments in hospitals, etc., we need to pay attention to how to prevent them.

The design of the main function is also inevitable and not just aesthetic appeal. The specific situation needs to pay attention to the needs of customers.

The first article is how to design the medical membrane switch at high temperature. Click here.

Improve the user experience of medical devices with Niceone-Keypad:

If you really want your medical equipment to be greatly improved, Niceone-Keypad can provide the most professional design. As a manufacturer of Membrane Switch electronics, we have 20 years of experience in UX development and design. At the same time, it can quickly proofing for prototyping for your preliminary user use, and obtain user design improvement suggestions in small batch production. In this way, we will integrate all the feedback and communicate with customers and re-design, so that we will get better medical equipment. Thereby improving the user experience.

A good user experience for medical devices will keep your product in the spotlight:

After the user experience has been greatly improved, clinicians or regular users will improve work efficiency and performance, and improve the quality of patient care. At the same time, a good design of the instruction interface will greatly reduce the training cost. And the excellent appearance will make people impressive and gradually expand its share in the market.

At Niceone-Keypad, we can provide you with the best support in medical equipment and its user experience. Provide samples using optimal solution materials and design solutions. I believe that our cooperation will be recognized in the medical market.


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