How to make your Membrane Switch more waterproof?

With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of products. And so is the Membrane Switch, a popular accessory. One of the hottest topics is how to make the Membrane Switch waterproof. The main reason is that the Membrane Switch is often used outdoors, and the whole product is exposed to the outdoor environment and is eroded by rain or deep sea. At this time, the Membrane Switch as the human-machine interface needs to consider the Waterproof structure, that is, the Waterproof Membrane Switch. If we want to get good answers, we need to ask good questions. How to make the waterproof performance of the Membrane Switch better?

the Waterproof Membrane Switch
  • 1. What is Waterproof Membrane Switch?

    Most Waterproof Membrane Switches are Membrane Switches with an IP rating of IP66 or above, which can be called Waterproof Membrane Switches. Excellent Waterproof Membrane Switches have obvious resistance to dust, moisture, dirt or other fine particles. Even in these types of environments, the Waterproof Membrane Switch works very well. A well-designed Waterproof Membrane Switch works even fully submerged in water without compromising its performance. Most of the regular Membrane Switch can pass IP65 – that is, there is still some simple waterproof performance, but it cannot be immersed in water without affecting its function.

    Note for Waterproof Membrane Switch:

    • Fully waterproof even when fully submerged
    • Use an edge gasket between the cover edge and the mounting box
    • Durable enough to ensure longevity
    • Use specific materials that prevent damage from extreme weather or temperature
    • Isolate the circuit from the external environment
    • Easy to install or retrofit into existing equipment
    the Waterproof Membrane Switch the Waterproof Membrane Switch
  • 2. What is the difference between the structure of the Waterproof Membrane Switch and the regular Membrane Switch?

    The main difference between Waterproof Membrane Switch and Membrane Switch must be whether the circuit adopts a waterproof structure. To put it simply, as shown in the figure below, the frame structure is used to surround the inside of the line to form an island. At the same time, it is also a better design for the requirements:

    the Waterproof Membrane Switch-Waterproof frame size

    The structure of the waterproof frame has the following three categories:

    Waterproof frame structure Waterproof frame structure Waterproof frame structure

    The regular Membrane Switch is the following structure:

    The regular Membrane Switch structure

  • 3. What is the principle of waterproofing?

    In the form of a frame, an island-shaped circuit is formed inside the circuit, and water droplets cannot enter the circuit through the lead wire. If the A form of the waterproof frame is selected, the water droplets cannot enter the water from the surface glue and cause the circuit function to malfunction.

  • 4. How to improve the waterproofness of the Membrane Switch?

    • The buttons and LEDs need to be at least 5mm away from the edge, if possible, the farther away the better.
    • Choose 3M with better viscosity instead of DT Adhesive. Adhesive with better viscosity can effectively prevent Adhesive separation caused by water pressure.
    • Use Silicone Rubber Keypad to surround the structure below the surface glue. Conducive to the formation of island circuits to prevent moisture from entering the product and causing a short circuit.
    • Flex Copper Circuit can be selected. Even if the water enters in a humid environment, it will not easily cause problems in the circuit.
    the waterproofness of the Membrane Switch the waterproofness of the Membrane Switch the waterproofness of the Membrane Switch


    Since Waterproof Membrane Switch is used in the marine industry, UV-resistant materials such as XE or HP92W series materials are often selected.

    As long as a reasonable design can make your Membrane Switch reach IP67 or even IP68.

  • 5. How to test the waterproof level of Waterproof Membrane Switch?

    Niceone-Keypad with IP66 and below can be tested in the factory, but IP67 and above requires a third party to test and issue corresponding documents.

    When developing user interface products that require protection against continuous exposure to water, such as control panels on boats or underwater applications, you may consider the Niceone-Keypad, which has 12 years of experience and a professional engineering team. Niceone-Keypad’s engineering team works closely with customers to determine precise specifications to ensure we have the right solution for your application needs! Contact Niceone-Keypad for the most suitable Waterproof Membrane Switch for you.


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