5 Principles of Membrane Switch Backlighting

24 May, 2022

By hqt

Membrane Switch Backlighting

Membrane switch backlighting is a device that is responsible for opening and closing the current in an automatic or manual circuit. Normally, each electrical device uses at least one switch to turn the device on and off. Membrane switches are mainly used in lighting circuits or electrical appliances.

What are membrane switch functions?

It is easy to see the membrane switch because almost every family uses this device, because it plays a very important role. We can rely on roles to figure out how to use the switch in the most correct way, avoiding some unexpected problems.

Moreover, the repair and installation are also quite simple. Therefore, knowing the use of membrane switches will bring users many benefits. This membrane switch can meet the maximum needs of use in all different large and small projects.

Structure and principle of membrane switch backlighting

To install, use the switch as well as fix the error easily, we need to understand its structure and operating principle.

The structure of the electrical switch is quite simple, it includes parts such as:

Shell: Covered with plastic and wrapped on the outside of the device. Besides, this shell is decorated with many beautiful patterns, increasing the aesthetics of the device. In particular, it can protect the internal components and bring safety to the user.

Pole: Includes dynamic and static poles made from pure copper

The above are two indispensable parts in the membrane switch. They help the device to work at its best.

What is principle of membrane switch backlighting?

If you close the switch, the moving poles of the switch will come into contact with the static pole. At this time, the circuit will be closed, not allowing current to flow so that the load device can operate.

At the same time, when the switch is closed, the dynamic pole will separate from the static pole and the circuits will open to disconnect the power supply.

Classification of membrane switches

In order to meet the needs of users, the market produces many types of membrane switches with many different models and quality. Here are some of the best devices that you shouldn’t miss.

1-way membrane switch

This is a 2-pole membrane switch backlighting that includes a dynamic pole and a static pole. This switch is usually installed in small power circuits, used to control household appliances.

2-way membrane switch

2-way switch also known as 3-pole switch, consists of 3 contacts, each switch has 1 input and 2 output terminals. Two switches can be used to control two devices in two different zones at the same time. This switch is mainly used in stair circuits.

Switch membrane lights, devices

This type of switch can be used to adjust the light brightness and device speed. As a result, users can easily experience better handling of brightness and device rotation speed to control power and save costs when used.

Membrane switch backlighting is widely used in industrial works. It is convenient during power outages. We can already imagine it on or off.

In addition, when we control electrical equipment that is far from the switch, we can also observe whether it is on or off easily. Today, products have quite a few models to choose from: 3-pin, 4-pin and 6-pin membrane switches.

With compact size, with 3 main parts: transmission part, switch body, foot part, the device is easy to install in industrial electrical circuits, ensuring safety for users and electrical equipment in system.

In addition, the membrane switch backlighting is designed in different types such as: 2-position type, 3-position type, small step, middle step, 2 – 6 foot… Especially, the price of this switch is quite cheap, easy to own.

Users can easily choose equipment according to their needs for floating or wall mounting in industrial and civil works…

Outdoor membrane switch: highly rated electrical switch

Membrane Switch Backlighting 2022

Another highly rated electrical switch is the outdoor membrane switch. And when installing, choose water-resistant switches to ensure human safety.

The membrane switch has a rain cover that can help with good waterproofing. The device can protect the switch inside, making it good against moisture, users can safely install membrane switch backlighting outdoors.

Experience buying standard membrane switches

To choose a safe and suitable membrane switch for your home, you need to be based on the following criteria:

Before buying any device, you need to clearly define your needs. Therefore, when buying a membrane switch, you need to know the purpose of use. At the same time, depending on the usage conditions and equipment performance and economy of each family, choose the appropriate manufacturer.

Choose the membrane switch by size

After determining the need to use, you should choose the switch with the right size for the space of the house to create harmony and increase aesthetics. However, it is more important to buy membrane switch backlighting that is suitable for the capacity of the electrical equipment used.

Classic membrane switch style

Choosing the right switch line for the style of the house is very important. Because depending on the design of the home space, make a suitable choice. When your home has a modern style, you should choose new, eye-catching brands that contribute to the beauty of the house.

On the contrary, in old-fashioned houses, the equipment will be more classical and mysterious. Therefore, if arranged scientifically, it will also enhance the value of the house; bring more delicate and aesthetic colors.

How many lights can one lamp membrane use?

Usually membrane has a multitude of sizes. This modern membrane switch backlighting, can control many bulbs at the same time, but the number of bulbs must depend on the capacity. That is, the larger the lamp power, the less the number of bulbs used for a Membrane

The specified number of balls is about 5 balls, and maybe more if the membrane has good load capacity

How many devices can a device membrane use?

Membrane is often called a potentiometer device, which is responsible for changing the device’s rotation speed in a short time and it is seen as a gearbox used to control the device.

In particular, membrane switch backlighting has the ability to control multiple devices at the same time, up to a maximum of 5 – 10 and of course also depend on the load capacity of the Membrane.


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