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27 Jul, 2022

By hqt

Any enterprise, when faced with the peak production season, will always have a choice between quality and quantity. Either seek temporary profit and destroy the future development of the enterprise; or take into account the quality and work hard. If there is a problem with the product quality, it will not only increase the extra cost caused by rework, but also lead to customer complaints, which will directly affect the company’s economic benefits and damage the company’s reputation. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen enterprise product quality management.

1. Quality management in the production process

The whole process of industrial production refers to a series of processes starting from market research, through product development and design, product process preparation, raw material procurement, production organization, control, inspection, packaging and storage, sales, and service. That is to conceive and produce ideal products, promote products to the society, and provide users with use value. The basic method of total quality management is the quality management of the whole process. Through the quality control of the whole process of product production, the quality of the product is guaranteed.

The criteria for measuring the pros and cons of the production process are: high yield, high quality and low consumption. It can also be said that it is faster and more economical, and its quantitative indicators are reflected in the input-output ratio. In the production process, enterprise managers strive to produce as many products as possible to meet the needs of users with the least labor cost (including materialized labor and living labor). For us, it is to produce products that meet the company’s quality requirements at the least cost.

To achieve this goal of the production process, we must do a good job in the quality management of the production process. We must start from the basic conditions, mine the data that affects the quality of the product, and use the quality data, equipment data, testing device data, and measurement tool data of each process in the product production process. Data, etc., build an analysis model of product quality influencing factors, use clustering algorithm and association algorithm to build a traceability model, and use data training to make the model accurately trace the influencing factors of quality problems.

The task of quality management in the production process is to achieve compliance quality, so that the produced products meet the product standards required by the design. Those that meet the standards are qualified products after inspection, and those that do not meet the standards are defective or waste products. Product process quality management needs to make full use of data.

2. The production process quality management measures.

1. Insist on organizing production according to standards

Standardization work is an important prerequisite for quality management, and it is the need to achieve standardized management. Enterprise standards are divided into technical standards and management standards. Technical standards are mainly divided into raw material auxiliary material standards, process tooling standards, semi-finished product standards, finished product standards, packaging standards, inspection standards, etc. It controls the quality of materials put into each process along the line of product formation, and checks and sets up cards layer by layer to keep the production process under control. In the technical standard system, each standard is developed with the product standard as the core, and all serve to achieve the finished product standard.

Management standards are to regulate people’s behavior, regulate the relationship between people, and regulate the relationship between people and things. It is to improve the quality of work and ensure the quality of products. It includes product process regulations, operating regulations and economic responsibility system. The degree of enterprise standardization reflects the level of enterprise management. To ensure product quality, enterprises must first establish and improve various technical standards and management standards, and strive to support them. The second is to strictly implement the standards, standardize the quality of materials and the quality of people’s work in the production process, conduct strict assessments, and honor rewards and penalties. The third is to continuously revise and improve standards, implement new standards, and ensure the advanced nature of standards.

2. Strengthen the quality inspection mechanism

Quality inspection plays the following functions in the production process: First, the function of guarantee, that is, the function of gatekeeping. Through the inspection of raw materials and semi-finished products, identify, sort, and remove substandard products, and decide whether to accept the product or batch of products. Ensure that unqualified raw materials will not be put into production, unqualified semi-finished products will not be transferred to the next process, and unqualified products will not leave the factory; the second is the function of prevention. The information and data obtained through quality inspection provide a basis for control, find out quality problems, find out the reasons and eliminate them in time, and prevent or reduce the generation of substandard products; the third is the function of reporting. The quality inspection department will report the quality information and quality problems to the factory manager or the relevant higher-level departments in time, so as to provide the necessary quality information for improving the quality and strengthening the management.

To improve quality inspection work, firstly, it is necessary to establish and improve quality inspection institutions, equipped with quality inspection personnel, equipment and facilities that can meet production needs; secondly, to establish and improve quality inspection systems, from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory. The production workers and inspectors have clear responsibilities, and implement quality tracking. At the same time, the functions of production workers and inspectors should be closely integrated, and inspectors should not only be responsible for quality inspection, but also guide production workers. Production workers can’t just focus on production. The products they produce must be inspected first, and a combination of self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection must be implemented; the third is to establish the authority of the quality inspection agency. The quality inspection agency must be under the direct leadership of the factory manager, and no department or personnel can interfere. The unqualified raw materials confirmed by the quality inspection department are not allowed to enter the factory, the unqualified semi-finished products cannot flow to the next process, and the unqualified products Not allowed to leave the factory.

3. Implement quality veto power

The quality of products is guaranteed by the quality of work, and the quality of work is mainly a matter of people. Therefore, how to tap the positive factors of people and improve the quality management mechanism and restraint mechanism is an important link in the quality work.

The quality responsibility system or the quality-centered economic responsibility system is an important means to improve the quality of people’s work. Quality management occupies an important position in the management of enterprises, because the important task of enterprises is to produce products, provide use value for the society, and obtain their own economic benefits at the same time. The core of the quality responsibility system is the combination of responsibilities, rights and interests of enterprise managers, technicians and production personnel in quality issues. As the quality management of the production process, we must first analyze the quality function of each post and personnel, that is, to clarify what responsibility they have on quality issues and what the standard of work is. Secondly, it is necessary to closely link the product quality of the post personnel with the economic interests, and realize the rewards and punishments. Rewards will be given to long-term winners, and compensation or other sanctions will be imposed on those who neglect their duties and cause quality loss in addition to excluding wages.

In addition, in order to highlight the importance of quality management work, quality veto is also implemented. It is to take the quality index as a hard index for evaluating cadres and employees. No matter how well other work is done, as long as there is a problem with the quality issue, a one-vote veto will be implemented in the selection of honorary projects such as advanced, promotion, and promotion.

4. Grasp the key factors affecting product quality and set up quality management points or quality control points

The meaning of quality management point (control point) is the special management measures and methods taken by the manufacturing site for the quality characteristics, key parts, weak links and main factors that need to be controlled in a certain period of time and under certain conditions. Keep the factory in a good state of control and ensure the specified quality requirements. To strengthen the management in this area, professional managers need to make a systematic analysis of the whole enterprise, identify key parts and weak links and control them.

5. Rational use of quality management tools and quality management software

Quality is the life of an enterprise, a display of the overall quality of an enterprise, and a reflection of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. With the progress of human society and the improvement of people’s living standards, customers have higher and higher requirements for product quality. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to develop stably for a long time, it must carry out production around the core of quality. To do a good job in quality management, it must use quality management tools and quality management tools.


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