Why are UI and UX so important in HMI?

16 Aug, 2022

By hqt

There is an old Chinese saying: Everything is difficult at the beginning. The most difficult part of the product is the production of nothing to the finished product — the initial design to production, because it will take a lot of time and labor costs and also require a lot of communication costs without any results, so customers need to find an experienced HMI manufacturers to solve these kinds of problems. Niceone-Keypad has been working hard with customers to develop a good HMI in the past ten years, and we are committed to creating the perfect HMI. To this end, we need careful consideration and innovation in every detail, so user experience and user interface must be paid attention to, which are called UX or UI of product design respectively.

UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements that you interact with while using a website, application, or other electronic device. UX refers to your entire interaction with a product, including how you feel about the interaction.

What designs are included in the user interface (UI)?

Shape design makes your HMI unique:

Resin Dome HMI uses high-transparency keys that form a 3D effect after A+B glue solidifies, and the keys will not be deformed when used for a long time.

The choice of screen printing method makes your HMI more diverse:

There are two common screen printing methods for HMI – screen printing or color printing. Both have their own characteristics. Screen printing color error is more stable, suitable for small batch production. Color printing has a gradient effect.

Control of small details:

Such as LEDs windows use transparent white instead of transparent color. The line thickness also needs to be slightly adjusted, etc.

What does user experience (UX) include?

Simple brings a good user experience:

Imagine the next HMI even though the appearance and even the design are endowed with many buttons and functions, but the complexity brought by these too many buttons brings a bad experience to the user, because the design defects are not known in advance during the redesign process. And predict how customers will use your product.

Most users like products that are simple, quick and easy to use, so the ease of use of products is the most important aspect of UX.

Tactile Feedback Design for HMI:

Most HMI devices will have buttons such as Key. How to design different bumps according to different products will bring different feel to the HMI. Even if the buttons of the HMI are convex, but the Tactile Feedback is not good, it will bring a bad user experience to the user. Therefore, Tactile Feedback needs to customize different molds for bumping according to different products.

HMI feedback design:

The feedback design depends on whether the user can accurately give the user feedback or even a reminder when the HMI function button is activated. No matter what the situation, you don’t want to be in a situation where you start a product feature and can’t get feedback. So either auditory feedback or visual feedback from LEDs. Accurate positive feedback makes people like your HMI even more.

Properly designed UX and UI really matter:

Niceone-Keypad hopes that the HMI we design can work together with both UI and UX to create a perfect HMI. Let them go hand in hand and interact with each other in the redesign stage, which requires an experienced factory Niceone-Keypad to assist you.


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