Graphic Overlay Panel in the medical industry.

10 Aug, 2022

By hqt

Graphic Overlay Panels are a regular in medical equipment. A good Graphic Overlay Panel not only supports device functions but also enables users to utilize key functions more efficiently. Just as a coin has two sides, a bad Graphic Overlay Panel will not only affect the operation efficiency, but may even cause major medical accidents. Then it becomes very important to improve the user experience of Graphic Overlay Panel. To achieve this user experience, you need to have enough experience on the Graphic Overlay Panel. 

First we need to understand what is Graphic Overlay Panel?

It is a visual panel above the mechanical equipment, which enables users to interact with the mechanical equipment more efficiently. At the same time, most of the mechanical equipment has this kind of picture medium, also called Graphic Overlay Panel. If there is no such efficient page medium, it is difficult for users to understand what the product is, and the customer’s own brand cannot be promoted.

Graphic Overlay Panel in the medical industry needs to meet:

  • Whether it can be clearly stated and accurate instructions.
  • Extend the life of mechanical equipment.
  • Promote the brand and image of the company or equipment.
  • Prevent moisture and dust damage.

HMI is an important part of medical equipment, and Graphic Overlay is even more so. In order to ensure that the Graphic Overlay Panel can stably achieve its functions in medical equipment, Niceone-Keypad has made a lot of attempts and summaries including material selection, mold selection and design considerations.

At the same time, the aesthetics that Niceone-Keypad has always emphasized, because the beautiful Graphic Overlay Panel not only promotes customers (medical equipment manufacturers), but also improves the efficiency of users (doctors, nurses or ordinary people). The most important thing is to improve the attractiveness of the product to the public. The more aesthetic Graphic Overlay Panel can win the bigger market share.

There are many choices for Graphic Overlay Panel, but three are commonly used:

Polycarbonate Overlays (PC material)

Multifunctional and durable material with excellent light transmission properties and good stability against chemical substances. The thickness is more and thicker, and is often used as a panel material or a backing plate material. Gloss options are available, also with matte, smooth, velvet options. If there is anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant requirements can also be met, but the price is relatively expensive. However, the bending resistance is weak, and the lifespan is shorter than polyester Overlay.

Polyester Overlay(PET material )

It is also a multi-functional and durable material with superior light transmittance. It has most of the properties of PC, such as stability and resistance to chemical substances, and there are four types of thickness options: 0.13, 0.18, 0.2 and 0.25mm material thickness, so Polyester materials are usually used as panels or fixed layer materials. There is also a material called antibacterial polyester, which is very suitable for medical devices. In the field of hygiene, how to fight bacteria is a hot topic and something that manufacturers of Graphic Overlay Panel need to pay attention to. Gloss options are available, also with matte, smooth, velvet options.

Acrylic overlay (polymethylmethacrylate, or PMMA) 

Acrylic material is transparent with scratch resistant option. It is suitable for use as a small signage material for small billboards and medical equipment that is not suitable for products that need to be convex. For promotional purposes only, PMMA is a very good choice. • This is because PMMA is very cost-effective. Easy to use for a long time.

PVC (not recommended, due to environmental concerns, this type of material is no longer available in China)

Hope to work with you to improve medical equipment

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